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HAMMERHEADS Bimini, Bahamas

From: $449.00


Departs 8am Port of Miami and returns same day at 8pm


   The Shark Addicts team is thrilled to provide you with the dive industry’s most effortless international dive package. This unique day long expedition provides the excitement and adventure of international travel with the convenience of being home by dinner! Join us for an unforgettable blend of world class excitement and relaxation as you come face to face with the Caribbean’s largest shark species, The Great Hammerhead. This once in a lifetime ALL INCLUSIVE (Ferry Transporting and dive) experience allows guests to effortlessly depart from Miami, Fl aboard the FRS Fast Ferry ready to enter the sapphire waters of Bimini alongside your own personal Shark Addicts guide. Guests will enjoy an incredible freediving experience amongst the oceans most prolific predator with enough time to soak up the many amenities of the Resorts World Hilton Hotel. On site amenities include: casino, multiple pools, on-site dining, day spa, and astonishing private beach clubs. After completing your dive expedition, guests are welcomed back aboard the FRS Fast Ferry to complete you journey back to Miami, Fl. This efficient, all inclusive experience provides guests with world class international diving, with the convenience of coming back home.


    • 06:30 AM – Check in starts at Port Miami
    • 08:00 AM – Check in at Port Miami ends, terminal door closes
    • 09:00 AM – Ferry departure
    • 11:00 AM – Arrival to Bimini
    • 12:30 PM – Check in at Bimini Undersea, gear set up
    • 1:00 PM – Dive boat departure, Great Hammerhead Dive
    • 4:00 PM – Return to dock – free time
    • 05:30 PM – Check in at Ferry terminal
    • 06:30 PM – Ferry departure
    • 08:30 PM – Ferry arrival to Miami


  • Round trip ferry transportation board FRS Caribbean departing from Port of Miami
  • One carry-on piece of luggage not exceeding 22 X 9 X 11.5in.
  • Fees, taxes, & Bahamas departure tax ($59)
  • Transportation with Resort World Bimini
  • Access to 5-Star Hotel amenities
  • 1 Great Hammerhead Freedive package
  • All dive gear included
  • VAT (Value added tax) 12% on dives

Not included:

  • Food & drinks onboard ferry and Bimini
  • Parking at Port Miami ($8 per day / $22 overnight )
  • Checked-in Luggage on ferry ($25 / bag each way)
  • Gratuity to thank your dive boat crew is appreciated but not mandatory. You’ll find them to be fantastic. Gratuity is shared by the entire crew.


Your dive journey begins at Port Miami where you will board the FRS fast ferry alongside your Shark Addicts guide to begin your expedition to the island of Bimini. Upon arrival, prepare yourself to enjoy an unforgettable dive as you come face to face with the Caribbean’s largest shark species, The Great Hammerhead. Your dive expedition will begin with a gear and safety check, followed by a calm 20 minute cruise to our dive location as we pass by some of Bimini’s most prolific landmarks, and historic businesses. As we depart Bimini’s bay waterway and enter into its famous sapphire blue water we will begin final equipment preparations as well as a thorough safety briefing. Once set in our Hammerhead aggregate position, our guides will enter the water and begin the process of attracting Bimini’s most recognized apex predator. Once signaled, guests are welcome to enter the water to begin the captivating experience of diving the Great Hammerheads of Bimini, as well as many other species of shark including bulls, reefs, nurse, and tiger sharks. This scenic dive expedition is the perfect way to experience the island of Bimini, and all that this paradise has to offer.


Shark Addicts International Diving is pleased to provide you with opportunities around the world to pursue your passions beneath the ocean’s surface. To ensure the highest standard of operation in remote locations, Shark Addicts’ guides accompany guests on all of our affiliate company excursions, from arrival to departure. This effort ensures each valued customer the care, quality, and customer service that has solidified the Shark Addicts Diving operation as the most trusted name in the industry.

As natives to South Florida and the surrounding Caribbean, the entire Shark Addicts crew knows first hand not only how monumental a dive among sharks can be, but we also understand the enriching value of the culture and traditions of locals, and the vital roll that plays in each expedition. It is for this reason we find it invaluable to introduce our guests to each destination’s best kept secrets, entertainment, food, and most importantly, the people whom call that place home. These experiences turn fleeting moments and new acquaintances into cherished memories and lifelong friends.

Additionally, we firmly believe that our in-water experience, as well as, scientific knowledge of sharks, provides clients with safety centered dives and answers to your most extensive questions. This foundation of professionalism ensures your satisfaction on each and every excursion. Our goal is to provide you with local knowledge, scientific insight, and unmatched profesionalism with the goal of elevating your experience.


The Resorts World Hilton features modern suites and deluxe rooms with marina and resort views. The Hilton’s rooms blend the island beauty and modern interiors. Plenty of natural light, hardwood floors, Wi-Fi and marble top double sinks await your arrival. Enjoy the rooftop pool, spa, salon and piano bar or, relax under the Bimini sun with an afternoon on the water. If you prefer a day inside, try the boutique casino or one of the various restaurants. Choose from pizza, seafood, comfort foods, healthy fare and more. Leisurely dine or grab a quick drink and appetizer on the patio. Find something to satisfy your cravings at any time of the day. Although overnight stays are not included, guests of the single day Great Hammerhead expedition are welcome to enjoy all of its amenities at no additional cost. 


Step off the mainland and onto the FRS high-speed 400-passenger catamaran. This modern, comfortable 170-foot craft will whisk you away from Miami to Bimini Bahamas in just 2 hours. You’ll be there before you know it, while enjoying the comfort and convenience of this new service. The FRS Ferry is complete with a full selection of meals, spacious Captain’s chairs, tableside seating, restrooms, and sundeck to ensure a comfortable and exciting crossing. The FRS Ferry departs and returns to Port Miami terminal “J” (note that due to Miami’s heavy cruise line traffic gates are subject to last minute change). Be sure to arrive ahead of boarding times to ensure the shortest lines for check in.


Bimini consists of two main islands—North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island—and numerous cays. The history of Bimini is as fascinating as the islands themselves. Just 50 miles from the United States, they served as a convenient offshore speakeasy and liquor store during prohibition. Rumrunners used to store their stash on the nearby shores. And speaking of rum, Ernest Hemingway called Bimini his summer home. Jimmy Buffett spent time here while writing his book, and Martin Luther King, Jr. even composed parts of his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech while sailing with local boat builder, Ansil, who still lives on the islands today. Visitors from around the world enjoy its historical complexity and renowned past, including Bimini Road, which some believe is a remnant of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis. The crystal clear water and diverse marine life of Bimini provides some of the Caribbeans most dynamic diving year round. Don’t forget to enjoy the local eateries including Stuart’s Conch Stand, Scants Jerk, Hemmingways, and Edith’s famous Bahamian sweet bread pizza.

What else can we do?2018-11-21T08:03:06-07:00

Our affiliate “Bimini Undersea” provides a wide variety of on water experience including: shipwreck exploration, sting rays, dolphin tours, and other reef-centered dive locations. On land there are a variety of eateries, and local sites to visit, which your Shark Addicts guide is happy to show you.

Are there other fees / taxes / charges?2018-11-21T08:02:27-07:00

There are no tricks or hidden fees, all expenditures & taxes are included in the price as well as the Bahama’s departure tax.

Is there a chance Hammerheads won’t show up?2018-11-21T08:01:44-07:00

The location of our dive is a productive aggregate location. Although Hammerheads frequent the area throughout the season, we are left at the mercy of Mother Nature. In the unlikely scenario that Hammerheads do not arrive, we will make every effort to ensure the dive’s success and enjoy our time in the water with the variety of shark species around us. However, there will be no refund / credit issue and Hammerheads are not guaranteed.

What can I expect for the water temperature?2018-11-21T08:01:06-07:00

The water temperature is typically between 74-80 degrees.

Do I need to be SCUBA certified?2018-11-21T08:00:17-07:00

Yes, but only if you signed up for SCUBA, our Freediving option does not require any certifications, we just ask that you are comfortable using a mask, snorkel and fins prior to joining us. For SCUBA you must have a basic open water certification to participate. Please bring your certification card with you upon check in. If you are new to shark diving, please make your experience level known to your Shark Addicts guide who will assist in your preparation.

Why only a one tank dive?2018-11-21T07:57:30-07:00

This dive is conducted in 25ft of water. One tank will last an average diver an hour of bottom time. We have learned that divers usually get cold before the run out of air. Our longest bottom time is 116 minutes.

Are dark wetsuits, hoodies and gloves mandatory?2018-11-21T07:56:48-07:00

They are not mandatory, but we do suggest you wear them. Despite Bimini’s warm waters you will lose heat being mostly stationary for over 60 minutes on the sea floor. Hoodies and Wetsuits can be rented on site.

Can I bring an underwater camera or GoPro?2018-11-21T07:56:12-07:00

Please do! We encourage documentation of all of your dives in Bimini!

Do I need to exchange money to Bahamian currency before I arrive?2018-11-21T07:55:01-07:00

There is no need to exchange money. US currency is widely accepted and is a 1=1 exchange rate. Please be advised, Resorts World Bimini is a cashless resort, this means that cash is not accepted at restaurants and bars. Make sure you notify your bank / credit card company of your travel plans.

What happens if weather does not allow for the dive to take place?2018-11-21T07:53:49-07:00

Our cancellation policy: If the ferry cancels the crossing for any reason, the ferry and dive portion of your trip can be rescheduled to a future date without penalty. Keep in mind, the Hilton and Condo reservation will be subject to RWB Hilton’s discretion and cancellation policy, which is 7 days (sometimes we can change the dates, sometimes we cannot) for this reason we HIGHLY suggest getting trip insurance.

What happens if I miss the ferry?2018-11-21T07:52:45-07:00

The ferry check in opens at 06:30 AM and closes at 08:00 AM. If for any reason you do not make it to the terminal in-between those times, you will miss the ferry and NO REFUND will be issued to you. The same policy applies if you forget to bring travel documents and boarding is denied.

Where does the ferry leave from / return?2018-11-21T07:52:03-07:00

FRS-Caribbean departs from Port Miami to Bimini from terminal “J” at 09:00 AM  and returns to the same terminal at 08:30 PM.  Be aware: Due to Port Miami’s heavy cruise line traffic, terminals are subject to last minute change.

How are we getting there?2018-11-21T07:51:15-07:00

By far, the most convenient way to travel to Bimini is the new FRS-Caribbean fast ferry service. This high-speed vessel travels at 25 knots (cruising speed) making the crossing only 2 hours long. You’ll be there before you know it, while enjoying the comfort and convenience of this new service.

Are passports necessary for this trip?2018-11-21T08:11:10-07:00

Yes, valid US passports from country of origin along with green cards are necessary to travel overnight to the Bahamas. Some countries may require a visa to enter the Bahamas. Please refer to for additional information.

What and where is Bimini?2018-11-21T07:49:59-07:00

Bimini is a set of three islands located 50 miles east of Miami that belong to the commonwealth of the Bahamas. Known for its crystal-clear dive sites and abundant marine life, Bimini is certainly one of the Bahamas best kept secrets!


Refunds are not issued for sea sickness, last minute cancellations, and dives where sharks are not present. Although our team will work tirelessly to ensure the best results at our aggregation locations, customers should be aware that these are wild animals. Winds, currents, and other contingencies may present rare challenges.


If you are experiencing any current medical conditions that could limit your ability to swim, climb a ladder, support your own weight, or do cardiovascular activity in the open ocean, please notify us at Your safety is our number one concern. (Examples of such include but are not limited to: heart conditions, vertigo, pregnancy, inability to hold breathe, obesity) If you are over 240lbs you must notify us for your safety and that of the crew. For some, the environment experienced can be challenging and exhausting. If in water rescue is necessary, our crew must be able to transport you from the water to the boat without issue. Please communicate with our crew if you have any concerns from a physician. Failure to notify the crew of weight related complications will lead to boarding being denied. Again, this is for your safety. If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to meeting you!

Payment / Refund / Cancellation policy:

  • All reservations are taken on a First come – First serve basis. Full payment must be received to reserve space.
  • In case of ferry cancellation due to weather conditions, rescheduling will be attempted, however, rescheduling accommodations are subject to availability. For this reason, we highly suggest buying travel insurance.
  • There are NO REFUNDS or cancelations for any other reasons once a reservation has been confirmed.
  • In the unlikely scenario that the ferry arrives to Bimini, but the dive is cancelled, a credit for the dive portion of the package will be given.

Booking Requirements

  • Full payment
  • Travel Documents
  • Name and Last name as written on passport or green card
  • Travel document expiration dates
  • Date of birth
  • Dark colored rash guard / wetsuit, hoodie, fins, gloves HIGHLY recommended