SAFETY PRECAUTION  GoPros and similar action cameras are NOT allowed in the water for your safety. Professional cameras, and underwater housings are permitted. 

Our number one priority is always the safety of our guests. If for any reason a charter must be cancelled or postponed due to rough seas or in-climate weather, we are committed to getting you back on the water with us as quickly as possible. We are happy to reschedule your trip at your earliest convenience. If you are unable to reschedule, we will refund the full amount of your excursion.Refunds are not extended if you choose to change dates, cancel your reservation, or experience sea-sickness during your excursion.

IMPORTANT HEALTH ADVISORYIf you are experiencing any current medical conditions that could limit your ability to swim, climb a ladder, support your own weight, or do cardiovascular activity in the open ocean, please notify us at Your safety is our number one concern. (Examples of such include but are not limited to: heart conditions, vertigo, pregnancy, inability to hold breathe, obesity) If you are over 250lbs you must notify us for your safety and that of the crew. For some, the environment experienced can be challenging and exhausting. If in water rescue is necessary, our crew must be able to transport you from the water to the boat without issue. Please communicate with our crew if you have any concerns from a physician. Failure to notify the crew of weight related complications will lead to boarding being denied. Again, this is for your safety. If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to meeting you!


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